7 Talent Strategies for High Performing Teams
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Building Legendary Teams with Leadership
“Most business leaders underestimate what it takes to build great teams. The top performers have choices, you have to attract them to your company. This takes time.” - Patrick Antrim
  • A simple process. Connect the people looking for jobs to the employers looking to fill positions. It used to be that simple. But now, the head of recruiting or talent acquisition has a multiple of responsibilities. If talent is critical to the success of your organization, then talent acquisition teams need to be part of the overall strategy.
  • Internet and social channels will only work as well as you understand them. Take inventory of what technology solutions will help you achieve your business objectives. The technology should help you create an improved candidate experience while increasing productivity and effectiveness.
  • Think of the employee as a customer. I believe the employee customer (team) is the single most important customer to understand. This is why attracting the top people is so important to your business. When companies get this right, they get it all.
  • The 7 Talent Strategies for High Performing Teams™ will take you through several core areas for success in building teams:
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